Muhammed Muzammil is a hearing impaired child who belongs to a village Bahadur wala 230/G.B, and is the fourth son of his parents. His parents say that before coming to school he was a problem child and spend most of his time out of the home. They were much worried about this condition .Then they came to know about ‘Sehara center ‘at Satiana Bangla where hearing impaired children are given education and training. They admitted their child in Sehara center and his training started right from there. Special attention was given to this child and developed an urge in his mind for studies.

When he was in class two he started to learn stitching and embroidery besides his studies. His father died when he was in class three. Now he has become a Tailor Master and established his own Tailoring shop in his village where four other deaf children assist him. His parents tell that now he is able to make an account of his customers in which he has written all the addresses and name of the customers and he became a literate person of the society.

Muzamil’s parent is very thankful to this institute because he has become a nice person and takes care of his family as well. He himself says that if I had not got education from this center then I wouldn’t be able to earn my living. Even if I had learnt stitching I wouldn’t be able to continue it as a profession because was not able to read or write but now I can do so. After coming here I came to realize that there are many other children like me who are neither can speak nor hear anything.