Tanzeem-al-Lissan is dedicated to serving the needs of special children. While taking another step towards the betterment of special children, Tanzeem established the Center for Physically Challenged Children in 2014. The Center provides both a place where children can learn and grow, and a full range of quality programs that enhance and enrich the growth process of physically impaired children. Our teaching methodology is concentrated not only on enhancing physical development but also on cognitive learning, social, emotional and behavioral skills that promote exploration, curiosity, problem solving, decision making, discovery and personal care routines. We provide learning experiences to Physically Challenged Children in a safe environment and cultivating their ability to learn. In addition to laying the ground work for future endeavors, we are contributing to building a foundation for lifelong learning for Physically Challenged Children. We work on Individualized educational and treatment plans because every physically impaired child is unique with different strengths and needs and requires different levels, types, and amounts of interventions and supports.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop curriculum and programming that work and promote every dimension of Physically Challenged Children. Prepare them for academic readiness and equip them with the skills necessary to navigate through life. And to provide a valuable learning experience that will enable physically challenged individuals to become confident and curious about the world around them.


  • To make physical challenged children self-reliant, self-dependent and productive member of society.
  • To provide up to date therapeutic services for physically challenged children by group of specialists under one roof.
  • To provide counseling to the parents about the prognosis and treatment plans of their physically challenged child.
  • To create awareness among the members of the society about the formidable challenges faced by the physically challenged and to encourage their participation in all fields.