SEHARA (Special Education for Hearing impaired in Accessible Rural Area)

The advancement of electronic media has awakened awareness among the Special persons even in the remotest area of the country. Now the people do not like anyone to take pity on them. They demand justice and equal opportunities as human beings in every field of life.

We, while focusing the special children of rural areas not only offer quality education / treatment & services to the full satisfaction of the parents but have also entered the field of economic and social rehabilitation to make them live with dignity in the society and become earning members of the family. SEHARA is a community based outreach programme for hearing impaired children in rural area. This outreach programme for providing special education to Hearing impaired in rural areas of Faisalabad, was organized and launched during February 1999. This programme was later on strengthened by having financial support from Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled. After conducting a detailed survey, the following villages / towns were identified for establishing the centers.

  1. Aminpur
  2. Barnala
  3. Chak Jhumra
  4. Dijkot
  5. Khurrianwala
  6. Phalor
  7. Sadhar
  8. Sammundari
  9. Sangla Hill
  10. Satiana

Under the SEHARA Programme, we have also established 5 more centers in different villages / towns in August 2001 with financial assistance of TVO. Now these centers are also functioning with financial assistance of PWTD and active participation from the local community. These centers are established at: Sangla Hill ,Muridwala, Shahkot , Satiana and Tandlianwala.

These 15 SEHARA centers in rural area are successfully functioning with active participation of the local community. At present more than 640 students are enrolled availing education / treatment facilities from local female teachers trained by Tanzeem-al-Lissan.

The primary objective of this outreach programme is to provide special education to these neglected children who can not avail the facility to reach urban special education schools. The communities fully cooperate and involved in the programme. The special education programme is initially launched by focusing on non-formal primary education. The students are imparted education up to Matric level following syllabus of Punjab Text Book Board and are prepared to take examination after completion of ten years. The students are getting special education free of cost. A Local Management Committee has been formed in each village / town, which is looking after the affairs of the school following regular monthly meetings with Tanzeem-al-Lissan’s staff. For teaching purposes female teachers from local community having B.A, B.Ed / M.A, B.Ed qualifications are identified. They are properly trained in special education and communication skills by our technical and qualified staff at Main Campus Tanzeem-al-Lissan (Danish Centre) in Faisalabad.

The centers established in the rural area are giving very encouraging results and now the parents from the surrounding villages are approaching us to establish similar centers in their respective villages for their children who are deprived of education and treatment facilities. Tanzeem-al-Lissan has accordingly identified ten more villages / towns in the outskirts of Faisalabad for establishing similar.