As explained earlier, besides the regular on-going services, Tanzeem has established a Speech Centre supervised by qualified Speech & Language Therapists, where adults and children are treated in the following:

Speech Pathology: Articulation test, Oro-motor examination, Language testing, voice assessment.

Speech & Language Therapy: Treatment for the following disorders:

  • Language Disorders (syntactic and Symantec disorders)
  • Articulation Disorders (disorders related to phonemes)
  • Fluency Disorders. (associated with interrupted flow of speech)
  • Stammering, Stuttering, Cluttering syndrome
  • Voice Disorders, Aphonia, Dysphonia, Low soft voice syndrome, Hoarseness, Breathy voice
  • Resonance Disorder, Hyper nasality, Hypo nasality
  • Cul-De-Sac resonance disorder
  • Delayed Speech
  • Disorders associated with speech organ, facial palsy, drooling, sucking & chewing disorders.