The word Dastak means “a knock”, sense of an arrival. The knock by the team of Tanzeem-al-Lissan gives certain families a sense of awareness and admiration.

Disability programmes in Pakistan have somehow continued to remain special education oriented, catering only for disabled children ignoring infants and adults with disabilities and those with risk. It is an accepted fact that the earlier the intervention, the more is the effectiveness. Infants are foundation stones of a community and it is very necessary to plan responsive services to ensure that disabled infants are able to receive early intervention through early services. Such type of services will reduce the chance for developing delays and would lead to reduce the overall cost of the parents/community. The Dastak will facilitate early main storming and will supplement the ability of a family to meet itself the special need of its children. In this approach the family members necessarily play a pivotal role, assisted, trained and supported by trained professional.

Tanzeem-al-Lissan has developed and is implementing a house based out reach programme for the counseling and rehabilitation of mentally, emotionally disturbed and physically handicapped children living in Muhammad Pura, Gobind Pura, Jinnah Colony, Gurunanak Pura, Dhobi Ghaat in urban area and with special attention to rural catchments area where Tanzeem-al-Lissan is operating.

In order to achieve positive results of out reach home based programme the family of disabled infant / child is now being contacted directly, seeking their cooperation in looking after the disabled child. An individualized Family Service Plan has been developed for almost every disabled child by our mobile teams. We focus on gradually minimizing the professional involvement and to train the family to “do it, itself”

The innovative methodology has proved that the CBR is a cost-effective alternate approach to reach and rehabilitate home based special children. The out reach services cost three times lesser per child as compared to institution based services.

The community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Prgramme is changing the concept to reality with the efforts of our untiring team in formation of an individualized family services plan for special children. We are providing these localities short and long time service including medical, nutritional, educational and psychological services. This prgramme is focusing on those children who have no hope or attention till now. In the beginning we plan to cover 100 homes in the city and 50 in catchments rural area through mobile teams to be increased gradually so as to enroll more and more special children in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme. This would be as such an open-ended programme.