MA Fine Arts (Special)

Danish Post Graduate College pursues excellence as it explores creative, problem solving, analysis and discovery. Through this exploration the College reaches out to deaf and hard of hearing students to positively affect personal, economic and social change.

Post Graduate Program (M.A Fine Art) has been started first time in Pakistan for those Graduates who are deaf and hard for hearing. Danish post graduate college striving to educate, empower and encourage students to reach their best potential. It makes them able to earn and economically support their families. This program helps them to express their vision and perform a role as a best citizen and creative person in the field of art. Art as painting, Sculpture and other media is best to express feelings especially for those which can’t listen or speak to express their thoughts. The Faculty of Fine Arts Department is committed to the study and practice of the visual arts as these relate to creative art making, educational practice and theory and the understanding of art in its diverse historical and cultural settings.