“The whole world step aside for the man, who knows where he is going” 

That was the motto of the ring leader Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, an educationist. In 1990, Dr. Iftikhar established a school for Hearing impaired children called “Pearls Centre” in Lahore. After that he resided over Faisalabad and found that there was only one school for HIC; which is not sufficient. He felt the utmost need of Special education institutes. In 1992 he started his work at home level, and with the collaboration of his companions, friends, colleagues of different professions i.e, Doctors, Lawyers, Social workers, Govt. officers, Public and Businessmen he formed a society named “Tanzeem-al-lissan” in 1995.It was not impossible but quite difficult task. His friends welcomed his idea and promised to shoulder the task besides him, and it became a team to move the mountain. In spite of fewer facilities this organization got fame due to endless efforts.

Tanzeem-al-Lissan is a non government, non political voluntary organization formed in 1995, and since its inception is actively engaged in rehabilitation of poor disabled children through provision of special education to Hearing impaired and rehabilitative services to Mentally Retarded and physically handicapped.

It was in July 1996 when the organization started activities in an organized manner by establishing Danish Center for Hearing impaired children with 6 kids in a rented building in Gulshan Colony Shaheedan Road, Faisalabad.

In the year 1998, Tanzeem-al-Lissan expanded its program to organize and establish an other center named Al-Masoom Center for rehabilitation of mentally & emotionally Handicapped children. This is the only centre in Faisalabad providing services to intellectually impaired children as no such other centre either by the Government or private sector is available.

It was in the beginning of 1999 when the Tanzeem further expanded its activities by developing community based outreach services in the rural area. With cooperation and financial support from Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled 5 SEHARA centers have been established in different villages under the name of SEHARA (Special Education for Hearing impaired in Accessible Rural Area).

Initially students for Nursery to class 5th are enrolled and it is planned that in near future these centers will be up graded to middle level. After conducting a detailed survey the organization has been able to establish 10 more SEHARA centers in the catchments area, thereby having a total of 15 SEHARA centers.

Tanzeem has also started the programmes like Dastak, a community based rehabilitation programme in five areas of Faisalabad.

Four physiotherapy centers for physically handicapped one at Al-Masoom center Dhobi Ghat Faisalabad, and others at Sammundri, Tandlianwala and Sangla Hill. Computer training center for Physically and Hearing impaired at Danish.

Seven vocational training centers have been established for Hearing impaired and Physically Disabled girls and women one at Danish centre and others in SEHARA.

Tanzeem-al-Lissan has planned to develop a community based program with special emphasis on early diagnosis and prevention of psychological disorders, promotion of literacy creating awareness on child care and providing general health facilities care to these backward localities.