Why to Choose Tanzeem-al-Lissan?

At Tanzeem-al-Lissan we want that every special child enjoy education, gain experience through different ways and leave them with the knowledge that will help to move in a society as a useful, well-adjusted and integrated member. The reputation of Tanzeem also play important role to attract students because mostly students of Danish Degree College got positions in Board and University every year. During the current years in Board and University examination all of the students got successful in flying colors.

Tanzeem do more than teach them, we develops and polishes their cognitive ability and make the special person able to express their emotions that improve their quality of life. At Tanzeem every students learn in an environment, which is supported by latest special educational system and trained faculty. Tanzeem-al-Lissan takes special interest in the training of faculty members. For this reason workshops and seminars are arranged in main campus to polish their teaching skills.

Here students learnt their basic skills through Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) that aim to cover the five areas of children (language, socialization, cognition, motor and self help). It helps them to move in a society as a useful and well adjust members.


Being a non-profit organization, Tanzeem-al-Lissan is providing special educational services to more than 1400 special students of urban & rural area and more than 70% gets free education. Institutes are carried out through subsidized affordable tuition contribution paying students, grants from donor & donations from individual & corporate sector.


We welcome children from any cast, religion without any discrimination, approaching us for admission at our urban/rural educational centers. Our main focus is the betterment of special persons irrespective of their religious or sectarian status.

Cultural Sense

Besides academic services, students are engaged in number of sports and cultural activities. We at the institute organize different sports events, recreational programs, and music classes. The cultural/recreational events are the regular part of our academic activities during the whole year.

Landmark Achievements

Since starts of the activities we have provided special educational facilities to more than 3200 special students and out of that majority were poor & non-affordable representing rural & urban area.

Vocational Skills are taught to special persons enabling them to become financially self-supporting and independent to survive in the society. Majority of trained persons have been able to get jobs in industry or running own business. The institute has so far trained approximately 700 boys & girls in different trades.