• To improve the quality of life for children with special needs
  • To secure, preventive, remedial and rehabilitative treatments and education to enable special children to integrate into their communities as equal and full involvement
  • To make parent’s involvement and make them able to look after their special children.
  • To increase public awareness about the needs of special children.


Tanzeem-al-Lissan works for the uplift and welfare of Hearing Impaired, Intellectually Challenged and Physically Challenged children living in urban & rural area thereby enabling them to successfully pursue the activities meant to bring change in their own lives.

Tanzeem-al-Lissan is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1995 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is supported by donations from philanthropic, individuals and organizations.

President Tanzeem-al-lissan

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

President’s Message

I welcome you to be a student of centers functioning under the umbrella of Tanzeem-al-Lissan Faisalabad. I feel privileged to be the Founder and President of the organization which has proven itself, a prime institution imparting Special Education,  Rehabilitation & Training to children with disabilities.

After its establishment in 1996, Tanzeem-al-Lissan had to come across a lot of challenges in implementation of special education program for Hearing impaired and rehabilitation of Intellectually Challenged Children who have almost been ignored by the society. Rehabilitating of children with the charter of the organization was a herculean task indeed. Beginning with 6 hearing impaired students in 1996, Danish Center for Hearing impaired is now the 2nd largest institute in Punjab imparting education from Play Group to Post Graduate level. For rehabilitation & education of intellectually challenged children, Al-Masoom Center is also providing state of the art services at the campus. To cater for educational needs of rural children, we have established an outreach education program under the name of SEHARA (Special Education for Hearing impaired in Accessible Rural Areas) wherein 15 rural centers in different villages and towns are successfully functioning.

With the developments in Special Education and rehabilitation technology, new vistas of knowledge have been opened and as a
result, a reasonable number of male & female students are availing the opportunity of learning. Various models of learning and motivation are explored. The courses are integrated with students’ fieldwork to engage them in active study of classrooms and enable them to work collaboratively with colleagues & parents that support pro-social behavior among children. Apart from educational & rehabilitation activities, Tanzeem runs vocational & skill training center Hunnar Gah. It is actively busy
in imparting training to male & female special persons in different trades enabling them to skillful and economically self-sufficient.

Tanzeem has also started different courses to produce professionals and expertise in the field of special education and clinical
psychology. We are committed to look after, rehabilitate, educate and train disabled persons and also enabling them to enjoy normal life and capable enough to stand up & face the challenges of life.

We also provide many opportunities to engage in activities such as sports, performance and literary arts, debating and voluntary work as well as to develop knowledge and transferable skills to prepare you for the future.

We are sure that you would prefer to avail the facilities provided at our campus for your education and career development.

We wish for your success and bright future.